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12 julio, 2013

Manual Therapy- Agosto 2013

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01 - Editorial Board

Page 1


02 - Key issues for manual therapy clinical practice and research in North America

Pages 269-270
Chad Cook


Page 271
Toby Hall, Gwendolen Jull

04 - Obituary: Robin McKenzie 1931–2013

Pages 272-273
Stephen May

Original Articles

05 - Applying principles of self-management to facilitate workers to return to or remain at work with a chronic musculoskeletal condition

  Original Research Article
Pages 274-280
Venerina Johnston, Gwendolen Jull, Dianne M. Sheppard, Niki Ellis

07 - The use of pMRI to validate the identification of palpated bony landmarks

 Original Research Article
Pages 289-293
Kay Cooper, Lyndsay Alexander, Elizabeth Hancock, Francis W. Smith

08 - Reliability of the inter-rectus distance measured by palpation. Comparison of palpation and ultrasound measurements

  Original Research Article
Pages 294-298
Patrícia Mota, Augusto Gil Pascoal, Fátima Sancho, Ana Isabel Carita, Kari Bø

09 - Management of symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome with use of a traction straight leg raise: A preliminary case series

  Original Research Article
Pages 299-302
Eric M. Dinkins, Jennifer Stevens-Lapsley

10 - Activation of the gluteus maximus and hamstring muscles during prone hip extension with knee flexion in three hip abduction positions

 Original Research Article
Pages 303-307
Sun-Young Kang, Hye-Seon Jeon, Ohyun Kwon, Heon-seock Cynn, Boram Choi

11 - The effectiveness of Long's manipulation on patients with chronic mechanical neck pain: A randomized controlled trial

  Original Research Article
Pages 308-315
Jian Hua Lin, Tong Shen, Raymond Chi Keung Chung, Thomas Tai Wing Chiu

12 - Lower leg neuromuscular changes following fibular reposition taping in individuals with chronic ankle instability

 Original Research Article
Pages 316-320
Esther Chou, Kyung-Min Kim, Andrew G. Baker, Jay Hertel, Joseph M. Hart

13 - In vivo 3D kinematics of the cervical spine segments during pre-manipulative positioning at the C4/C5 level

 Original Research Article
Pages 321-326
Walid Salem, Paul Klein

14 - The automatic pelvic floor muscle response to the active straight leg raise in cases with pelvic girdle pain and matched controls

  Original Research Article
Pages 327-332
Britt Stuge, Kaja Sætre, Brækken Ingeborg Hoff

15 - Validity of palpation techniques for the identification of the spinous process L5

  Original Research Article
Pages 333-338
Oliver Merz, Udo Wolf, Michael Robert, Verena Gesing, Marga Rominger

16 - In vivo three-dimensional kinematics of the cervical spine during maximal axial rotation

  Original Research Article
Pages 339-344
Walid Salem, Cyrille Lenders, Jacques Mathieu, Nicole Hermanus, Paul Klein

Profesional Issue

18 - Vascular profiling: Should manual therapists take blood pressure?

 Original Research Article
Pages 351-353
Alan J. Taylor, Roger Kerry

Case Report

Pages 354-357
A. Menon, S. May
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